Perfect Vegan Bloody Mary

If you have been lucky enough to spend time in New Orleans, you know that they have a major passion for this savory breakfast libation. Every bar, restaurant and pub in the city has their own version, and much like a family Red or Mole Sauce, no two recipes are exactly the same.

After painstakingly tasting multiple recipes (such a sacrifice! #justkidding), we have come up with what we feel is pretty great representation of a classic Bloody Mary and we hope you enjoy!

We discovered an ingredient that is completely optional but highly recommended: topping your bloody with a splash of light lager. It lends an effervescence to the drink that we love.

Note: Ingredients are for one drink. Double as needed!

  • 1 Shot Vodka 3 oz Bloody Mary Mix
  • ½ oz Portlandia Foods Vegan Worcestershire sauce or our Spicy Worcestershire
  • ½ a lemon, juiced
  • ¼ tsp Horseradish
  • A splash of your favorite hot sauce
  • For non-vegans: ¼ oz Demitris Bloody Mary Seasoning 
  • A few good shakes of the following seasonings: Cajun seasoning, onion salt, celery, salt
  • Optional: 6 oz light lager (Corona premier is a good one)

Combine all the ingredient (except the beer) over ice and stir vigorously. If you wish, top with the beer and your garnishes of choice. Santé!

Best vegan bloody mary recipe from Portlandia Foods