Cajun-Style Fried Catfish with Portlandia Cocktail Sauce

If you have ever had the pleasure of biting into a perfectly fried tender catfish chip, you know what love is.

Catfish is an unsung hero in the world of fried fish. Unique from halibut and cod, It holds up really well to frying but with a beautiful delicate flakiness and a sweet mild taste that absorbs other flavors readily. It’s packed with lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. It's also particularly rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin B12.

U.S. Farm-Raised catfish is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly seafood product. In fact, the National Audubon Society and Monterey Bay Aquarium recommend U.S. Farm-Raised catfish as a safe environmental choice. Make sure you buy only U.S. farm-raised catfish that is produced under safe, environmentally sound and sustainable conditions. US catfish is inspected and held to the highest standards and will taste great every time.

This recipe is from a friend, Mrs. Denise Boudreaux and family. Denise was born and raised in Des Allemands Louisiana (the catfish capital of the world!). If she doesn’t know how to fry up delicious catfish, then no one does. The secret…is the mustard! Shhhh…

So put on some Louis Armstrong, crack open an Abita Beer, and enjoy. We really hope, no matter where you are when you make this recipe, that it transports you to the Mississippi Delta, home of the delicious catfish. Just for one evening.

Best Fried Catfish Recipe



  1. In a shallow bowl combine mustard, Cajun seasoning and garlic powder and marinate fish for about 30 minutes.
  2. In a second, wide bowl add the fish fry and lightly season with additional Cajun seasoning.
  3. Drain excess marinade from fish and coat liberally in the fish fry or corn flour.
  4. While the fish is marinating, heat your oil to 375°. Fry fillets a few at a time, for 2 or 3 minutes on each side or until fish is golden brown.
  5. Remove to a cooling rack with paper towels to drain off extra oil and sample that fish! Season with additional salt if needed. Serve with Portlandia Cocktail sauce on the side. Yum!

Recipe Credit: Denise Boudreaux